How Social Media Marketing Builds Brand Loyalty

Many companies scoff at the idea of having social media accounts, or interacting with people on those platforms. Companies feel as though having a website that is regularly updated is enough. However, what business owners and marketing departments need to understand is that social media is not just a place where people share videos and photos, or chat with each other. It is a platform where people are able to get information about the world, and about the products or services they may want to spend money on.

If your company is serious about brand loyalty, using social media regularly is one of the best ways to achieve it. Studies have shown that people who follow certain businesses or brands online are a lot more likely to be loyal towards those brands and businesses. Why? Because when you are following a company online, it means that you are invested in what that company is offering. Whether it is a local restaurant, or a company that sells electronic products, you will be invested in what they are offering right now and in the future.

Companies that want their customers to not only make one or two purchases, but make several purchases every few months, need to get on social media. And it is not just about making an account and posting on it every few days – it is about interacting with people. Replying to comments or tweets, helping out customers who have issues, and sharing photos or videos related to the company can help to build brand loyalty!